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Let the professionals of Hart Water Gardens take care of your pond and maintenance needs, keeping the backyard habitats and helping local wildlife and encouraging bio-diversity.

Pond Maintenance

  • Complete pond care

  • Water quality

  • Algae Control

  • Filtration

  • Plant Installation & Maintenance

  • General Fish Health

  • Debris Removal


Algae Control

  • Recommendations for algae control

  • Scheduled maintenance programs available


  • Regular filter cleaning on existing equipment

  • Filter Recommendations & Instillation

  • UV light installation & Maintenance


Plant Installation & Maintenance

  • Recommendations for Plant Life that Fits Best in Your Pond

  • Deliver and Install

  • Seasonal Fertilizing

  • Regular Pruning and Shaping

  • Repotting as needed

Debris Removal

  • Netting of leaf debris and other organic materials

  • Removal of any trash

  • Install cover netting for fall and spring drops

Debris 3.jpg

General Fish Health

  • Water quality and balance

  • Aeration

  • Plant life to aid in balance and cover

  • Provide hideaways to help reduce stress

  • Install cover nets or other protective measures against predators

Full Cleaning

  • Usually done annually in lieu of regular maintenance

  • Drain down and remove everything from pond

  • Remove all sludge from bottom of the pond and in between all the rocks

  • Safely house fish while cleaning occurs

  • Repot existing plants

  • Install new plants

Cleaning 2.jpg
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